Cherry Upside Down Coffee Cake

Do you ever kind of want pie, but you kind of want cake, and you want to eat it for breakfast? No? Just me? Well, that weird craving combination was the catalyst to the creation of this Cherry Upside Down Coffee Cake. And it might just be the next big thing in breakfast.

cherry upside down coffee cake

I mean… JUST LOOK AT IT. The top is an ooey gooey cherry layer that’s like the darker broodier cousin of pie filling. Then there is the cake layer, that’s basically two layers in itself–the top half is dense and almost fudgy in its texture because of the cherry juices, and the bottom is more of a traditional coffee cake, slightly crumbly. THEN THE BOTTOM IS A STREUSEL.

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Beer and Chocolate: Chocolate Stout Sauce

Being an adult is the worst. THE WORST. Bills and commitments and jobs. It’s exhausting. And for those of you with kids… HOW? Just how do you do it all?

Sometimes though, being an adult has it’s perks. Things like being able to drink delicious craft beer and adult beverages. And getting to put that craft beer in fun things like chocolate sauce!

SKKKKKRRRRRRT. (That was the record stopping sound if you were wondering.) WHAT?

Chocolate Stout Sauce

Yeah, I said it. Chocolate sauce with beer in it. It’s the most grown up way to make chocolate sauce. And probably the most delicious too. This chocolate stout sauce is SO good y’all. It’s not as cloyingly sweet as the stuff you buy at the grocery store, it’s dark and rich. It doesn’t scream beer at you either, it’s just a little malty and warm. It’s grown up and sophisticated. AND YOU CAN MAKE CHOCOLATE MILK WITH IT.

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Grasshopper Pie

Happy Pi(e) Day! In honor of this magical mathematical day, I bring you Grasshopper Pie! Now, if you don’t know what grasshopper pie is, don’t get grossed out by the name. It’s the pie version of the famous cocktail- a sweet, green, minty beverage. To me, it’s better as a pie. I don’t love my alcohol super sweet, but I do love my desserts that way!

grasshopper pie

I really wanted to post a traditional Irish dish this week, in honor of Saint Patrick’s Day. Turns out, most of the dishes we Americans know as “Irish” are figments of our imagination. So I scrapped the traditional part and brought you a two-for-one holiday treat, the pie version of the Shamrock Shake! So really you could use this recipe for Pi Day or for Saint Patty’s Day! You’re welcome.

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Gingerbread Apple Crumble

Gingerbread apple crumble

Why hello there, internet people! Welcome to my very first post!

I won’t lie to you, it’s a bit daunting, this whole blog thing. I’m used to making up recipes and sharing them with family and friends to eat… but posting them for the whole world to see? That’s a different story all together!

That being said, this gingerbread apple crumble needs to be out there.

Gingerbread apple crumble


I’m a huge fan of fruit pies, but pie dough can be finicky and time consuming. While I love a buttery, flaky crust, it’s mostly just a vessel to hold the gooey fruit filling, also known as the whole point of pie.

That’s why crumbles are so amazing. All the ooey gooey deliciousness, with no rolling out dough or blind baking. Not to mention that added texture and flavor of the crunchy crumble!

This recipe is a riff on a classic apple crumble: cinnamon laced apples cooked until soft but not mushy. The crumble topping is where the party starts though. Instead of your typical butter and flour top, I took a left turn into holiday town and added molasses and ginger. The result is what you get when apple pie and gingerbread have a baby. Total deliciousness

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