Gingerbread Apple Crumble

Gingerbread apple crumble

Why hello there, internet people! Welcome to my very first post!

I won’t lie to you, it’s a bit daunting, this whole blog thing. I’m used to making up recipes and sharing them with family and friends to eat… but posting them for the whole world to see? That’s a different story all together!

That being said, this gingerbread apple crumble needs to be out there.

Gingerbread apple crumble


I’m a huge fan of fruit pies, but pie dough can be finicky and time consuming. While I love a buttery, flaky crust, it’s mostly just a vessel to hold the gooey fruit filling, also known as the whole point of pie.

That’s why crumbles are so amazing. All the ooey gooey deliciousness, with no rolling out dough or blind baking. Not to mention that added texture and flavor of the crunchy crumble!

This recipe is a riff on a classic apple crumble: cinnamon laced apples cooked until soft but not mushy. The crumble topping is where the party starts though. Instead of your typical butter and flour top, I took a left turn into holiday town and added molasses and ginger. The result is what you get when apple pie and gingerbread have a baby. Total deliciousness

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